Museo Città Territori. Sistemi in divenire

Curated by Andrea Lerda
With the collaboration of Annibale Salsa and Andrea Membretti
Opening Wednesday 25 May at 6 pm

With the participation of:

Lothar Baumgarten / Stefano Cerio / Paolo Cirio / Stefano Comensoli_Nicolò Colciago / Paola De Pietri / Sven Drühl / Elena Mazzi / Arno Rafael Minkkinen / Stefanie Popp / Marco Schiavone / Robin Rhode


In collaboration with
A PICK GALLERY / Galleria Franco Noero / Mucho Mas! /
Noire Gallery / Norma Mangione Gallery / Peola Simondi / Giorgio Persano / Photo & Contemporary / Société Interludio / Tucci Russo Studio for Contemporary Art


The exhibition  Laboratorio Montagna  fits itself into a path of observation and representation of the contemporary mountain that the museum started in 2018. A process that has taken shape through the use of languages, tools and interlocutors from multidisciplinary fields, as a response to the complexity characterizing the mountain areas of today.
The project – set up on the ground floor and on the panoramic terrace – moves around the dimension of development , in which museum, city and mountain areas are configured as entities linked by an increasingly evident relationship of interdependence.
A dynamic related to what happens in the macro area that we define mountains, with it being also a mosaic and a workshop, an emblem of opportunities and critical issues, a place sensitive to social, economic and environmental changes, which in parallel transforms “from periphery to laboratory for developmental models aiming to combine environmental sustainability and social well-being [… ] which becomes a new center, the fulcrum of a series of return processes that question the idea that it is […] always and necessarily a disadvantaged area” (M. Varotto).
The word laboratory in the title describes the approach adopted by the Museum in interpreting the transformation process that affects its identity and vision. A museum that goes beyond its borders, as a deliberate choice so to build its future, its relationship with the city, the communities and collective needs.

The exhibition project arises from a close dialogue with the contemporary art scene of Turin. The narrative was constructed and born as result of an interaction with ten different galleries in Turin. It presents the works of eleven artists, whose research explores the mountain universe according to different formal methods and conceptual approaches.
A manner already tested on the occasion of the exhibit Ecophilia. Exploring otherness, developing empathy  – presented at the Museum between 2021 and 2022 – on the occasion of which the choice of the six artists involved rose from a preliminary mapping of the creative figures active in the city.
Thanks to the involvement of Annibale Salsa, anthropologist, and Andrea Membretti, sociologist, the show narrative is accompanied by textual content and insights offering a multifocal story on the mountain of today.
A series of  video contributions – realized thanks to the involvement of Dario Castellino, Luca Mercalli, Maria Molinari and Opher Thomson, widen the geography of references to themes such as the mountain on social, environmental, anthropological and architectural levels.

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